WI6LABS and Keolis revolutionize bus maintenance

KEOLIS has partnered with WI6LABS to implement decision support tools on its buses. Sensors installed by our teams prevent automatic door breakdowns! 

Visit at Keolis, la Plaine de Baud, Rennes

KEOLIS, a global player in public transport, has called upon the innovative SME WI6LABS to work together on the maintenance of its equipment. Indeed, KEOLIS buses are equipped with 3 doors : the front door does not use the same technology as the middle and rear doors. The front door is not robust enough, breakages are regularly observed.

This leads to a service interruption as well as urgent maintenance, which can take up to a week. For your information, a complete door change requires 72 hours of work. This long downtime of the bus as well as the high cost of intervention after the breakage of the door block led KEOLIS to think about the maintenance of its buses.

But, if the door works, can breakdowns be prevented? Yes, a solution exists and is being deployed by our teams! With this solution, KEOLIS alerts its maintenance services before breakage in case of engine fatigue.

The WI6LABS solution

WI6LABS offers KEOLIS a non-intrusive system with many advantages. The solution is composed of a probe and a sensor connected to the LoRa® network deployed in Rennes Metropole by our teams (find our article on this subject here). This LoRaWAN® protocol is easy and quick to deploy. It allows robust communications and long range wireless connectivity.

The fault recognition algorithms are embedded in the sensor, only the alarms are sent to the maintenance technician.

To meet the needs of KEOLIS, WI6LABS has developed cards for installation in buses. The 2 companies work in close collaboration in order to integrate this new system as well as possible, without disturbing the daily maintenance operations of the technical teams.

This non-intrusive solution allows to transform the measurement into information and then into value

The expected results following the implementation of the non-intrusive system are as follows :

If our solution for Keolis appeals to you, do not hesitate to contact us!