Back from SCEWC 19 : focus on Catalan stand

Our Spanish neighbors presented their “City Of Future” at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019: believe us, their innovations worth it ! 

Smart Catalonia at Smart City Expo World Congress

Back to work for the WI6LABS’ team after Smart City Expo World Congress  to discuss the Smart Cities proposals of the Government of Catalonia, host country of SCEWC19. Thanks to 16 demonstrations, the pavilion was transformed into a 2030 city during 3 days. Spanish companies were able to show to the 25,000 visitors what cities will be like in a decade, and demonstrate the impact of technology and connectivity.

Recycling 5.0 with Ecoembes

Ecoembes is a Spanish organization involved in the eco-design of packaging in Spain.

Containers and bins of the project carried out by this company interact with citizens through an application available on smartphones.

All intelligent containers have a QR code and, thanks to geolocation, when Catalans are close to a bin, they are informed and encouraged to recycle their waste. In addition, each person who takes a photo of their bottles before recycling them will receive recognition for their commitment.

A nice gesture that we wanted to talk about!

ARI, robotic assistant by PAL Robotics

ARI, the robotic assistant of PAL Robotics

Today, PAL Robotics is a world reference in the field of humanoid robotics. The company develops advanced research robots, such as ARI, their latest robot. On a human scale, expressive and entertaining, ARI was designed to improve people’s quality of life.

This robot assistant combines artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics and high computing power to develop its services.

A new use for the IoT that caught our eye!

Erica, an autonomous bus developed by Catalonia Government

The Catalan bus Erica

Erica is the first autonomous vehicle to circulate in the streets of Catalonia. Visitors were able to discover a bus operating without human intervention and 100% electric. Erica is an example of the application of artifical intelligence : in fact, it is a means of transport equipped with a geolocation system, cameras, and sensors that analyze its environment at all times.

Autonomous buses must memorize a route, this is the “mapping phase”. Detectors called LIDAR (Laser Image Detection) use light beams to record everything around them. This way, the LIDAR can monitor possible obstacles and stop the vehicle if necessary!

An inclusive supermarket based on VLC technology

The i2CAT Foundation presented an inclusive supermarket using Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. VLC can be used to facilitate the shopping experience for visually impaired people. Indeed, only a smartphone equipped with a camera and an application is required to receive products informations in real time. A voice system tells the user exactly how far away the product is from him.

Unlike other location technologies based on radio fequency signals, the i2CAT system offers high reliability and accuracy, with an error margin of less than 5cm.

WI6LABS currently working on a equally precise geolocation technology, we could only highlight this innovation !

The inclusive supermarket by I2CAT

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