Wi6Labs flies to Vancouver for the LoRa Alliance 10th all members meeting and open house

| A unique event bringing together IoT’s leaders

The 10th all members meeting and open house of the LoRa Alliance will take place next week in Vancouver. This event is an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders but also with promising start-up of the ecosystem. The program for these four days ? Presentations, workshops and solutions exhibition. As a member of the alliance, Wi6Labs will showcase Wiotys, a solution of private LoRaWAN networks dedicated to smart city, smart industry or agriculture. But this event will also be an opportunity for the start-up to submit feedback of inspiring experimentations.

| Smart building : a concret feedback from Wi6Labs and ENGIE

And for this show, Wi6Labs will present an innovative smart building project, currently under development with ENGIE Axima. This experimentation carried out on the premises of KEOLIS Rennes have two main objectives :

  • To optimize the energy consumption of the buildings
  • To ensure air quality inside these buildings

Want to know more about this project? Firstly, see below a presentation video. Secondly, come to see us on the Wi6Labs market place table, from June 4th to 7th.

See you next week in Vancouver!